Reiher Guitars

My Philosophy

The concept behind the instruments from Reiher Guitars.

My vision is to manufacture the perfect instrument in terms of quality and workmanship and thus to manufacture a tailor-made instrument in sound and design for every musician. In addition, an awareness of aesthetics, technical skills and the sound of a guitar should be created.

Creativity knows no limits. The use of local woods is particularly important to me because of their sustainability. In addition, I also value components that were mainly produced in Germany. With great attention to detail and the materials used, unique guitars and basses are created


A selection of the Reiher Guitars.

Every guitarist has high demands on his instrument. With my guitars and basses, I would like to respond to your individual wishes and needs for detailed and personal advice.

In addition to the design, the construction, the selection of the woods used and the end surface, the sound is also adapted to your requirements. First and foremost, you determine the shape, color, equipment and construction and receive an instrument that is not only optimally tailored to you in terms of playability, but also emphasizes aesthetics and quality. In addition, the size of the body is perfectly adapted to you. You can find an overview of my instruments in the gallery.

Repair service

Repair services from woodwork to renovations.

everything, whether repairing a broken neck, gluing a crack in the ceiling, removing the bridge and re-gluing, changing the neck profile or the like.

Costs: individually on request

from reworking overhanging frets, straightening the frets, to new fretting or conversion to fretless.

Costs: Fixed prices for different treatments  

Every type of electronic work, whether checking and cleaning the electronics, replacing defective parts, modification or shielding measures.

Together we will find the perfect solution.

Costs: Individually depending on the effort and material

Cleaning, care and basic adjustment should be carried out at regular intervals. This not only ensures that the value of your instrument is kept,

but also ensures optimal playability and reliability of your instrument.

Costs: Fixed prices for different instruments

from paint retouching to repainting. Whether transparent, colored or effect varnish. There are many ways to visually refurbish your instrument.

Costs: Individual upon request

I restore all plucked string instruments according to your wishes.

Costs: Individual upon request

From tube replacement to repairing broken amplifiers.

Costs: Individual upon request


Inquiries directly via email or by phone.

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